27th February 2018

Scheduled Maintenance: eu09.tmd.cloud and eu12.tmd.cloud, scheduled 5 months ago

Event Update: The maintenance has to be postponed due to the possibility of extended downtime. Once we re-shedule the maintenance we will update this status post with more information.

There will be a Hardware Upgrade for our EU based Hosting Infrastructure, the only affected servers will be eu09.tmd.cloud and eu12.tmd.cloud.

Event Type: Hardware Upgrade

Start Time: 2018-03-01 02:00:00 UTC

End Time: 2018-03-01 02:30:00 UTC

Event Summary: The EU based Hosting Infrastructure will be upgraded to provide hardware enhancements as part of ongoing efforts to provide excellent service and maintain an ideal hosting environment. Although we do not expect any complications during this routine.