21st February 2018

Scheduled Maintenance: EU - node01.tmdhosting108.eu, scheduled 5 months ago

Event Completed: The entire underlying architecture went a complete overhaul, including deploying new CPU models, DDR4 RAM and blazing fast, RAID 10 backed storage. The tests we have performed in our lab, as well as in our limited beta testing program show that speed has improved roughly three times and this will greatly [and positively] affect the loading time of your websites and the overall experience you have with our services.

IMPORTANT: Although eventually all old addresses from the old infrastructure (DNS servers, cPanel URLs, FTP host and A record, mail services) will be transferred to the new one, we recommend that you update your records to the following:

  • A record:
  • Primary DNS: ns1.eu08.tmd.cloud
  • Secondary DNS: ns2.eu08.tmd.cloud
  • cPanel URL: https://eu08.tmd.cloud/cpanel
  • FTP host: eu08.tmd.cloud
  • IMAP/POP address: eu08.tmd.cloud (if you are using server hostname default address)
  • SMTP address: eu08.tmd.cloud (if you are using server hostname default address)

Please note that all your login details remain unchanged. It is only the underpinning infrastructure that went a major change.

In case you are not using our DNS servers on all your accounts or you have resources (say custom DNS or CNAME records) held elsewhere, please make sure to update your A records accordingly to The proxy redirects we have set for you - from our legacy to our new infrastructure - will work for 14 days after receiving this email, but in order to ensure long-term A records sustainability, please update them accordingly within this period.

Event Summary: Non-disruptive migration window for migrating the following Amsterdam based server- node01.tmdhosting108.eu. The migration will be performed in the period between 00:00 CET on Saturday (Feb 24 2018) and 00:00 CET on Monday (Feb 26 2018).

In the past couple of months, we have been working towards re-engineering our entire Amsterdam based shared hosting concept and managed to bring tremendous performance benefits, which you will feel immediately after the process of migration completes.

Our migration process does not require any downtime. However for more information please, refer to the Migration email you have received. If you are looking to transfer your account in a specific time window, please do get in touch with us via your Client area > Support Section and we will work with you on rescheduling.