9th January 2018

Scheduled Maintenance: node01.tmdhosting119.com, scheduled 6 months ago

Migration Completed Jan 16 2018 12:00AM CST The post-migration patches were applied successfully to the new environment and the same improved the performance of the websites according to the synthetic tests. Please check out your websites and in case that you notice any issues, feel free to update us by submitting a ticket to our Genius Support Team.

Update Jan 15 2018 12:00AM CST The migration of the content from the old server to the new one completed successfully. At the moment we are doublechecking the content of your websites and the settings of the new environment. During the next 24 hours, a series of post-migration micro-patches will be applied in order to ensure the smooth performance of your websites. In the meantime, if you notice any issues with your web projects, feel free to reach our Genius Support Team via the ticketing system.

Event Summary: Non-disruptive maintenance window for migrating the hosting accounts located on node01.tmdhosting119.com will be performed in the period between 00:00 on Thursday (Jan 11 2018) and 23:30 on Tuesday (Jan 16 2018).

In the past couple of months, we have been working towards re-engineering our entire reseller hosting concept and managed to bring tremendous performance benefits, which you will feel immediately after the process of migration completes. We begin performing a major upgrade and overhaul of our reseller hosting infrastructure. The entire underlying hardware went a complete overhaul, including deploying new CPU models, DDR4 RAM and blazing fast, RAID 10 backed storage.

Our migration process does not require any downtime, except for a brief moment when the redirect occurs (explained below). If you are looking to transfer your accounts in a specific time window, please do get in touch with us via your Client area > Support Section.