14th December 2017

Scheduled Maintenance: Storage maintenance on the US TMD Cloud, scheduled 7 months ago

Event Type: Storage Maintenance

Start Time: Friday, Dec 15, 2017, between 00:01AM and 2AM CST.

End Time: Friday, Dec 15, 2017, 00:41AM CST.

Final Update: The storage maintenance has been successfully completed. The entire operation went as planned and took a bit over 30 minutes in total. During the entire operation, there were no unusually high latency spikes detected.

Event Summary: Non-disruptive maintenance window for the storage appliances of the TMD Cloud will be performed on Friday, Dec 15, 2017, between 00:01AM and 2AM CST. Although we do not expect any complications during this routine and well-documented process, it is possible that you may observe storage interaction processes with latency factor higher than the usual. Our TMD Cloud engineers will be working on this along with our data center team and will monitor the precise and smooth execution of the process. Stay tuned for more details.