24th September 2017

Cloud Sites Infrastructure - EU node01.tmdhosting108.eu - Temporary issue with the MySQL service

** FIXED 12:15 PM GMT +1 ** The applied patch has fixed the experienced issue and now the MySQL service is running flawlessly with all queries executed immediately. In case that you still experience database related issues, feel free to contact our Genius Support Team via our ticketing system. They would be more than glad to assist you.

** UPDATE 11:40 AM GMT +1 ** Database service was patched and at the moment the same is monitored closely by our System Administrators. We have tested the environment and at the moment it is stable without new error entries in the logs.

There are performance issues related to the database server running on the server and at the moment our System Administrators are applying a hot-fix patch. During this process, you may experience brief connectivity or loading issues with your websites.